Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A little after the fact, but hey...

I originally posted this on my other blog, which is now defunct. Since it still applies, I figured I'd repost it here (with edits):

Welcome to my blog!

Here are the three disclaimers very important to reading and fully appreciating my blog.

Disclaimer 1: I will likely spend a lot of time and words on my dogs and on knitting (you've probably already noticed this tendency). These are my primary sources of joy and amusement. If you don't like dogs or knitting or both, bypass those portions of my blog. Freak.

Disclaimer 2: I fully intend for this to be a stream of consciousness type exercise. I will only be editing for grammar and spelling. DO NOT expect to be consistently amused - I'm not Dave Barry. I will work to avoid gratuitous language, but expect to see some because sometimes I'm just that mad. If you are the subject of a rant, view it not as a personal attack, but as my way of venting frustration and irritation in a semi therapeutic environment. Offended? Deal with it and move on. Upset? Good - it lets you know you're alive. Amused? Excellent - it means you are my friend and you understand me.

Disclaimer 3: Me, me, me ...it's all about me. It isn't about you, or you, or even (sorry) you. It's about me. I will talk about other people only as they affect and relate to me. I will mention news events only when they interest me. I will discuss products that I like and not mention products that I don't. My blog is not a place for companies to get free advertising. It is a place for me to express myself. Feel free to express yourself...just get your own blog. Just joking. Feel free to comment on what you read here. I will keep an open mind so long as you do. If your comments seem close-minded to me, I will call you on it. This blog is, essentially, my internal monologue made external - it won't always be pretty or witty, but I'll be having fun, so I hope you do as well.

Keep these disclaimers in mind and we'll get along just fine.

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