Monday, April 6, 2009

The Angst in the Making...

My sister in law is having babies. Twins, to be exact. We're all very excited. We were thrilled when we found out she was pregnant, ecstatic when we found out there were twins, and overjoyed when we found out she was having one of each. There is a Baby A is a girl, up high and to the right; Baby B is a boy, down low and to the left. A moves a lot, and B moves not so much. Turns out A likes to kick her brother...right in the head. Poor B. He must not move much because he's scared she'll kick him again. Now you know that's some teenaged angst in the making. This kid is going to hate his sister, and he'll never really understand why.

Random teenaged friend, "Dude, you're really hard on your sister. What's up with that?"

B, as teen, "I just don't like her, that's all."

RTF, "But she's your sister. Your twin sister. I always heard twins are supposed to be extra close."

B, "I don't know. I've kind of always hated her. She gives me headaches. Whenever she's close to me, I get a headache."

RTF, "Since when? Does she have some kind of stinky perfume?"

B, "No, it's been like this ever since I can remember. Like, my WHOLE life."

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