Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chloe, beginning of week 2

Well, she's settling in. Most of the time, she's fun. The house breaking continues on. She will now go to the back door to ask to go out. Sometimes, she goes to the back door because she wants to eat grass. I'm sure we'll learn the difference in time. She also still needs to learn to actually tell us, going beyond simply walking to the back door. We won't always be looking, and we don't want another dog who just waits by the door silently and then goes and pees someplace because we weren't paying enough attention to her (I'm looking at you, Maxine). We're thinking to install a doorbell of some sort.

She's learned to sit on command, thanks to diligent and patient work by GF (my darling love will now be known as the Grinning Fool, GF, or The Fool under obvious circumstances). She's also learning not to climb on people and to sit patiently when she wants something. We're attempting to teach her not to lick faces, since some people who come for visits don't like being licked in the face (I'm really not that much of a fan either).

Because I'm not patient enough to let her dictate my entire life for long (she's a dog, people - I'm sure I'll be much better with an actual child), we've begun working on establishing independence. We're starting to see some success on that front. Yesterday, she slept on the floor on top of my foot (a vast improvement over sleeping on the couch and in my lap). Last night (this morning really), she didn't fuss overmuch about being put to "bed" in her play pen in the bedroom. This morning, I got to wake up on my own and she was quietly chewing her teething ring instead of whimpering and pacing. Today, she spent 10 minutes on her own in the back yard while I washed dishes and only started whining about being left alone at minute 8.

She's a little bigger this week. I noticed just this morning that she's a little bit heavier to pick up. We're allowing the others the leeway to establish boundaries in their own way. It's a little frightening, because they bark and growl and snarl and snap a lot, but they haven't hurt her yet, and she barks and growls and snarls and snaps back. They still tolerate the biting of tail and ruff, which is good because I don't see that ending anytime soon. She's still too little to jump onto the couch, so they see the couch as their refuge. I wish there was an effective way to communicate to them that it won't last. Poor dogs.

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