Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My little place in this world...

Here you go. This is my place, where I spend my time knitting, thinking, waiting, and websurfing. My rear goes just past the cell phone, my legs live under the computer, and all that crap sits next to my legs.

Well, maybe not ALL of it. That blue bag isn't normally there. It's holding a baby sweater I've been working on for a friend. I'm almost done with it, just need to finish stitching the pieces together and add amazingly cute buttons (FO picture to come).

That poor remote must be feeling neglected. I ignore it most of the time. I've been more interested in catching up on the Lime and Violet knitting podcast during the day. I tried one episode and got a little hooked. If you look closely, you can see my iPod (his name is iGor) tucked into my knitting and the little black box with "iHome" is a plug-in speaker (it is the box with no name). These tools make it convenient to listen to all of them, at a clip of about 4 or 5 a day (I listen between GF's comings and goings, whilst coping with the needs of Bratty McBraterson and her backup Doggies). The laptop is usually on my legs because I like to pause in my knitting to see what they're talking about when they discuss different yarn purveyors. It's going to take quite some time to get through them all - there are a lot, and I feel little hope that I'll ever completely catch up. In the meantime, I'm feeling an immense urge for Starbucks and sock yarn..

I cannot, however, overindulge in either desire. As far as the Starbucks goes, I am in the midst of yet another attempt at living a more healthy lifestyle. I've rejoined Weight Watchers online, and I'm trying to be a little more active. I gotta say, I kind of dig on the new WW tracker - it has this nifty daily checklist of items you should be consuming. They're called "Healthy Checks" or something. I love them because, if I check off the proper number of boxes in each category, I get a little smiley face. It's like a daily report card with all A's and gold stars for dieting. One of the checks is for water. As a result, I'm entirely motivated to drink more water. That water bottle sits there because I don't have a table to put a glass of water on like a normal person.

In fact, all of this crap sits where it sits because I DON'T HAVE A FREAKIN' TABLE. You see, GF and I had this great idea to purchase a sectional some time ago. It never occured to me that a sectional sofa would render end tables pointless. Now now, I know what you're saying, "Ringed, may I ask why you don't have a coffee table?" To which I respond that you clearly have not been paying attention. I have three dogs. One of them is a shepherd/lab mix with a table sweeper for a tail. He's also large and dumb and likes to body slam the furniture while fighting/playing with the other dogs. More on that some other day...like when he breaks something really expensive that GF cannot live without (read here external hard drive that keeps getting knocked to the floor from the table HE gets to enjoy... not that I'm bitter).

Then there's that bag with the knitting. I stole that bag from my brother (who is in the Army) years ago. Until I started knitting, I was at a loss to find a use for it. I mostly kept it because it was something of his to remember him by (he's usually somewhere far away). It's large enough to hold a couple of skeins of yarn and a corresponding large-ish project or two pairs of socks in progress, if needed. Currently, it's holding the yarn for a baby blanket. I actually started this project three or four times, lost an entire day on one idea and then pulled it back and started again. I've settled on a nice bias knit stripe in garter stitch. I hope it's enjoyed by the recipient. I think I want to do a nice crochet border in the green on the outside edge when I'm all done with the stripes...I guess I'll have to remember how to crochet...

Of course, all this knitting and podcasts and whatnot is for the specific purpose of distracting myself from my current state of joblessness (the primary reason I cannot overindulge in sock yarn). The cell phone's purpose is to remind me that I still don't have a job, or even prospects therefor. It sits next to me, not ringing. Well, that's not true. It doesn't ring because I have it set to vibrate so it won't annoy BMcB and the Doggies. It's a Blackberry (named Edna), so I get what few emailed rejections employers bother to send immediately. I also use it to maintain nearly co-dependent level constant contact with GF. Until I figured out that the screen lights up when the phone is ringing, I used to get mad when he'd send me more than one response at a time. You see, emails don't set off vibrations, texts and GF messages set off two bursts, and calls set off four or more. When GF sends more than a single line of response at a time, it vibrates twice for each message. Due to the nature of our contact, it sometimes vibrates a LOT. I guess, therefore, a more accurate-to-the-situation explanation is that it sits there, dark screened, and vibrating.

That's all for now. I'll give a puppy update soon, with new pictures.

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Keep up with the quilting and you may have to hit my fabric bins!