Sunday, June 28, 2009

GF's Guide to Child Care

Taken directly from an email sent to his brother regarding the new babies.
In my experience the best thing to do is start them out with something soft for playing. Stick a rope bone in A's mouth and give a little tug - just not too hard, and he should start tugging back. Don't worry if he growls -- that's normal and is indicative of play.

You can also easily distract them from any wrongdoing with a soft felt toy which you would also stick in the mouth.

Remember though, it's important to establish dominance. If you play tug of war with a soft bone, you must ensure that he never successfully takes it from you. When you take it from him (this will get harder to do without hurting him as he gets older so remember to be very careful) make him wait still for it, preferably in a sitting position.

Other ways of establishing dominance include playing with his hands and feet and pinning him to the ground. But never hard and never for any longer than necessary! Don't suffocate him, just make sure he knows who is boss.

When B soils her diaper, don't rub her nose in it - you must catch her in the act. A simple firm but quiet "no", and then pick her up and place her in the yard -- don't worry, her bladder is very small. She will go again within seconds but this time in a proper location. Make sure to praise her when she does so!
I just wanted to share. That's my man, y'all! :-)

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