Monday, June 15, 2009

Oh, baby babies...

I mentioned a while back that my sister in law was having twins. I would like to take a moment to gleefully announce their arrival yesterday. Mother and babies are doing well, Pappa is over the moon. Always pretty energetic, his step has become downright jaunty (well, it was before he realized how all-fired tired he was).

GF and I picked up his mother and drove up to see them. Born at 35 weeks, they are small. Not as small as we expected, but still quite small. They are perfect little tiny people with astonishingly large feet. It's kind of ridiculous. Little head, little hands, little chests, little tummies, little wrinkly knees, great big ol' ski feet.

I'm completely smitten, and look forward to driving back today to stare at their disproportionately large feet some more.

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