Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The turtles are coming!!!

GF has a plan for world domination. It is, in fact, the grand dream of every knitter, and it took a knitter's husband to think of it. If you're a knitter, you've probably heard the joke about how knitters can take over the world.* Sadly, none of us have actually been able to come up with a comprehensive plan for world domination. My darling GF has an idea and believes that vast armies of teeny tiny knitted turtles are required. He is convinced they can take over the world. How precisely? I don't know. It is not for me to question the genius of the man. It is for me simply to do whatever I can to support him in his endeavors. So I knit him a tiny little turtle, using the Tiny Turtle pattern by Raynor Gellatly.**

I finished the knitting portion last night but technically didn't finish him until today because I didn't have any stuffing. This morning, I went and picked up some stuffing and stitched him together. I remained skeptical as to the efficacy of tiny knitted turtles for world domination, but his immense cuteness convinced me that he needed a little friend...

...and then there were two. I believe the power of the turtle army may be in their ability to convince knitters to augment their numbers. I say this because, as soon as I completed number 2, I cast on another...

...and now there are three. I would say that I'm done and GF's army of tiny turtles will never advance beyond a trio; but, that would be a lie. He'll get more of them. Because they don't cost much in time or materials. Because they keep my mind off of the chocolate stash. Because they please him immensely.

And, if we're being honest with each other, because they're just so gosh-darned cute. ***

* Step 1: Collect lots of yarn
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Make buckets of money/ world domination!!

** I realized that I neglected to put anything in these pictures to give these little guys scale. They're just under 3 inches long and about an inch tall. They're quite teeny.

*** GF would like to add "And because they're gonna take over the world!!!"

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