Sunday, September 6, 2009

And the socks just keep comin'

As usual, they're for someone else. These are for my very oldest and dearest friend, CT, who very much wishes for a baby. I knit her these socks, using the Pomatomus pattern by Cookie A., and the Intention Yarns colorway Fertility. The belief behind this yarn is that meditative intent can have power. These yarns are hand dyed with colors selected to represent specific intents and then the word of the intent is written on the yarn in dye (nice write up with pictures here). While the word cannot be seen in the finished product, small dots of darker color can be seen. The dots give little reminders of the purpose behind the project as you go, helping you maintain that meditative frame of mind. I tried, with every stitch, to put my hope for CT and her husband into these socks. There's so little to be done, as a friend, except give love and support to someone going through a difficult time. I hope she will see these as I intended them - as a tangible representation of everything I can't say with words. Of course, she may read about them here before she actually gets them...J graciously loaned me her feet for the pictures - my feet are far too large. I suppose I should put those in the mail. CT darling, tell BB his socks won't be far behind. :-)

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