Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What's this?

This, dear readers (of which there are probably...two of you...okay, maybe three), is my current work-in-progress. I'm making a shrug for J's wedding. It's beaded and lacey and pretty and apparently quite impressive. It is also the culmination of a very frustrating weekend.

You see, I started this project last week, maybe...Tuesday, maybe? I got fairly far along, then realized that the beads I was using (you'll have noticed that every fourth stitch on every fourth row is beaded) were going to run out before I finished the project. I ordered more beads. The exact same kind of little white pearl beads from the exact same place. They arrived on Saturday, and were a different shade of white. ::sigh:: Obviously, I can't use two shades of white beads on the same garment, so I backed up 30 rows (unbeading as I went) so I could re-knit using the new beads. This worked fine until I noticed that the yarn was fuzzing a bit due to the abuse. The fuzzing was making the yarn dull. One of the things that really makes this yarn (and thereby the project) wonderful is the sheen. So, I backed up again, wound that yarn off, and started again with a new skein. I tried a new cast on method, which I love, and this photo is the project once I got back to where I was when I got the beads. I'll keep you posted.

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