Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sorry for the disappearance

There's been some STUFF going on for me personally that just isn't really bloggable. BUT, I did finally finish the blanket I started in that last post. It actually went very quickly, right up until the knitted on edging. Then, I had to (gasp) start another project because I just couldn't do it without a break.

Anywho, now it's done and off the needles and washed and blocked and ready to give to my friend for her wedding. Conveniently, her wedding was in Jamaica two weeks ago (my first real chance to go to Jamaica, and I can't go because I'm 8 months not right), so there's a local reception today. I'm going to deliver it and hope she and her husband like it.

There's always a little angst involved in giving a handmade gift to someone you've never given one to before. Or, at least, there is for me, which is kind of bizarre since I really only ever knit for other people. I don't give handmade gifts away without seriously considering the person it's going to and whether they will appreciate it and care for it properly. But even having considered all of that, there's still a worry, in the back of my brain, that they'll say, "Oh, that's lovely. Thanks," and then stick it in a box, on a shelf, to become moth eaten and never see the light of the sun again. But enough of my angst issues - here's a pic. One caveat - don't judge the slightly less than perfect blocking - I'm 36 weeks pregnant and this was large, circular, and had to be blocked on the damn floor. When I started panting with the effort, I stopped trying for perfection.

Jamaica Blanket: Completed 5.19.2010, Girasole pattern by Jared Flood, knit in Cascade 220

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