Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Preparation, Part 1

Today marks the point of no return. I am 37 weeks along, and there's just no turning back from having a baby and those crazy medical personnel sending it home with us. I wouldn't say that we're terrified. We're cautiously concerned, and we're quite certain that we shouldn't be allowed to have a tiny person to shape and form. But, since we can't seem to talk anyone out of it, we needed to find something to bring the little critter home in. 
GF having more fun than is wise...

I found quite a number of pieces that I was fond of at Carters.com. GF didn't like any of them. Of the puppy ones, he observed that they were too predictable and expected. Of the others, they largely fell into the category of too cutesy and therefore kind of dumb. Our kid needs something more...sophisticated to come home in. Maybe...a turtle shirt. Tragically, the available turtle shirts are (a) ugly, (b) too large, or (c) both.
I felt like a mad scientist...

After an unreasonable amount of discussion and contemplation, I finally (joking) suggested that we look for a tie dye tshirt for Baby. He loved that idea (figures), so I started looking. And quickly realized that tiny tie dye clothes are no less expensive (and sometimes more expensive) than adult tie dye clothes. "Screw that," I said. "We'll make our own and have a BUNCH of tiny tie dye clothing to show for it."

So I pulled out two tiny onesies, two tiny side snap tshirts, and two tiny over the head tshirts. I bought a tie dye kit from one of the big box craft stores. I verified with an experienced dyer that the stuff I had purchased would last for at least a few washes. Then I set up our area and we tied dyed. This may become a thing, it was that much fun. Hopefully, our kid will want to tie dye stuff at some point for a few years.

Part 2 to come after the dye sets and the pieces are washed and dried...

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