Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All I want for Christmas...

Is these shoes.

Call it a campaign, if you will. I want these shoes. I wear a sz 10.5. I'm in a state of hoping that GF will buy them for me. I kind of doubt it, but I can hope.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Random things causing some mild sadness and woe.

So, despite an annoyingly excessive (for me) amount of begging and pleading, combined with an absurdly adorable picture of my precious little dude, I did not win the photo contest over at Parenting By Dummies. Sadness and woe. I shall have to get the canvas out of my own pocket. BUT! The picture that did win is awesome and ridiculous, so I'm totally cool with losing. Thanks so much for your comments!

We've been looking at a few day cares around. I'm thinking to go back to work (I've discovered that I miss being me - don't look at me that way). I'm in a quandary: the ones that I want to send my kid to have waiting lists, and the ones without waiting lists are places I don't want to take my kid to. A waiting list wouldn't be such a big deal if it weren't for the fact that I don't have a job lined up. This leaves me in a funky spot, because I can't afford to have him in daycare until I find a job, but I have to have him on a waiting list to be able to get him in ever. Sadness and woe. Anyone want to help me bridge the gap between starting a job and getting him into one of the good day cares?

In touring the various day cares, my precious little darling managed to catch a virus of some sort. I have a snotty, rashy, coughing, sad little piti-toddler. Sadness and woe for all of us. He's leaving slug trails all over the place, and most notably on the front of my shirts. I love being Mommy-Kleenex. That should be a t-shirt design. You wear it only when your baby is sick. Kind of like this:

This isn't a t-shirt! It's the ultimate in portable facial tissues for your kid!!!
It should be long sleeved, and have a pocket for spare tissues (for those lovely nasal blowouts). Note: I gacked that biohazard symbol from here.

This week I officially stop calling him a baby. He doesn't look like a baby, he doesn't act like a baby, and he's huge. He climbs into and out of his toy box. He climbs up the side of his toy box and over the arm of the couch. He's almost figured out how to climb out of his pack n play, and GF and I acknowledge that his crib cannot possibly be far behind. We've actually started talking about kid proofing his room and installing his (just purchased) toddler rail on his bed. Sadness and woe. Maybe we'll have another one - once he learns to blow his nose.

Lastly, I can't knit - I have tendonitis in my left wrist and it needs some time off, and it's making me cranky. Sadness and woe.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The beach will be lots of...fun.

ETA: Important, self promoting note: if you like this picture (or even if you don't but you were curious and clicked the link someone had on Twitter), please post a comment below. I'm entering a photo contest* and I'd love to get a canvas print of this pic! Hey! You! Person looking at this post! I know you're there! Please make a comment below? The more comments I have, the more likely I am to be a finalist in the photo contest! I really want that canvas print (the cash won't hurt either)! You don't have to be witty and stuff. Just an "aww, how cute" will do. Please? Pretty please? Just a little tiny comment? Just think of how much N will LOVE staring at a 16x16" print of himself.. :-)  KThnxbye.

We took N to the beach a little late this year. Instead of taking him during the balmy days of July, life intervened and we didn't make it until August, when the water was a bit colder. It wouldn't have mattered. While he loved the pool earlier this summer, the beach was the anti-hit. He was freaked out by the waves. He didn't like walking on the sand. He clung to Daddy while Daddy swam. Then he clung to Mommy while she waded. More freaked out clinging to Daddy while Daddy played in the surf. He cried, fussed, and flapped his hands. A very short reprieve from his ill temper was granted when the kind people next to us made their son share his sand toys. Then he realized he'd have to touch the sand - it was a no go. Finally, after about an hour and a half, we decided to give it up and go home. GF placed N on his shoulders, and we got the only true smile of the day. It was a doozy, and I was relieved I hadn't packed up the camera yet.

*Contest messaging: This photo is being entered in the Goodbye Summer, Hello Snapfish photo contest sponsored by Snapfish at parenting BY dummies.  If voted the best summer picture I will win a photo canvas and other prizes from Snapfish & pBd. http://parentingbydummies.com/snapfish-contest

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Stomach Bug Strikes...the dog

::Warning - there is vomit and poo in this post. You've been warned.::

It is 130a. I wake up to the sound of the BDD licking his chops luxuriously - the licking they do after they eat people food and they're trying to milk ALL the flavor off of their teeth and their lips and...::sigh::

I hate moist sounds. Stirring wet pasta, kneading raw ground meat, dogs licking, cats grooming, eating sounds...I even hate the way the word "moist" sounds. "Moist. Moist. MOIST." Just...ew.

It woke me up. It was gross. It was loud. It kept going. I snapped to jar him from his licking reverie. I called his name and asked him to stop. No dice. My bum husband GF continued sleeping peacefully beside me. Ten minutes into the racket, I put in ear plugs. It turns out that my sleeping brain, when deprived of outside sound, will invent noises on its own. My brain is not a fun place to be and I woke up terrified and hyperventilating. GF calmed me down and I went back to sleep, only to hear another noise in my brain and actually wake up. Turns out I only THOUGHT I'd woken up before...so out with the ear plugs.

The obvious answer to this dilemma was to leave the room and sleep on the couch, or to remove the dog from the room. But I'm lazy and I just wanted to keep sleeping. Around 330a, I finally* clued in to the actual problem.

A little history here: when BDD was just a small puppy with dinner plate feet, he used to get sick on purpose to get attention.** Whenever he began to make that undogly heaving noise, one of us I would bolt out of bed to scoot him outside before he got sick on the rug. Why we I couldn't just let him get sick and clean it up in the morning was simple: his barf smelled like poo.*** So if the sound wasn't enough to wake us me, the stench most certainly was. The end result of all this puppy experience is a dog who will not get sick in the house if he can in any way avoid it.****

I dragged myself out of bed and let the poor long-suffering idiot out. Then I plopped down on the couch to knit. We finally got back to bed at 4.

Normally, this would have been the end of it. I fully believed he was fine later that morning. I packed up the kidlet and went off to Target. We were gone maybe an hour or so, and when we returned, I opened the door to the kind of stink that makes you want to walk back out. My brain did the stank check: "Trash? No, I took that out. Smells like poo...baby? Nope. Oh...oh no..." Oh yes. There was poo all over the front of his crate. It was in his food and water bowls (his water bowl was especially hard hit, making me wonder if I can toilet train a dog). It was on the side of his crate. It was on the floor outside of his crate. It was on the stuff on the floor outside his crate. BUT, except for a slight film on his paws (which he kindly tracked across my carpet and through my kitchen), there was none on him.

If you ever wonder why I haven't had another kid yet, just ask yourself why on earth I would want another source of sleep deprivation, vomit, and poo.

* Shuddup - I was very tired. 
** Yes, the vet actually said this is what was going on, after we spent an unreasonable amount of money on tests and finally took note of when he was getting sick (430 every single morning).
*** Yes, we did try all the various solutions to this problem, including lots and lots of different food choices. Nothing worked until he got older.
**** Seriously - I've seen him choke it back. It's heroic and horrifying.

Monday, July 25, 2011

On wishing for a playroom.

Please do not misunderstand: our house is plenty large. In addition to the obligatory kitchen and 2.5 baths, there's a dining dogs' room, a living room, a pit of despair finished basement, and three bedrooms: ours, the kid's, and my office the cat's room. In addition, I'm blessed with the sort of child that mothers dream about, that mythical child, that magical child, that wonder, that joy: a child who takes naps. More to the point, one who takes two 2-hour naps daily. On schedule. I say all this to make it clear that I am not complaining (yes I am, but only a little). Here's the thing: there's a shift that happens in this house, three times per day, every single day. I refer to it as the kid/dog configuration.

You see, the dogs who were willing to tolerate the tiny squalling critter who spent most of his time attached to me or in a baby swing were not so happy when it started crawling and are considerably less amused by the toddler who walks, runs, and climbs. Who can blame them, really? He's loud, he slobbers, he growls inappropriately, and he pokes them in inconvenient places, like their eyes and ears and mouths. Worse - he can now chase them and follow them where ever they go. So, while I'm sure they would never hurt him, I try to keep the doggie freak out factor as low as possible. As a result, the dogs hang out in their room when the baby is awake and come hang out in the living room with us during naps and after bed time. This necessitates a shift in the dynamics of the room.

Kid configuration: dogs out, dog toys away (because the kid really shouldn't be gnawing on Nylabones), toy box open, PackNPlay blocking access to the dogs' water bowl. Dog configuration: baby napping/sleeping, baby toys away (because the dogs really shouldn't be gnawing on Sophie), PackNPlay in front of window to allow access to water bowl. First thing in the morning, Kid configuration. At 10, Dog configuration. At 1, Kid configuration. At 3/4, Dog configuration. Back to Kid configuration at 6, followed by Dog configuration at 8. Every single frakkin' day.

So I wish to have a play room. A place where I can hang out with the kid while he's awake and not worry about picking up his toys at nap times. A room I could child proof in its entirety, devoid of things I don't want the kid to mess with (like, oh, the tv and floor registers. Such a room would be a wonderful thing.

That is all - I just wanted to share. I promise photo filled posts in the next little bit to share what I've been up to this summer. There has been knitting and cooking and fun. :-)

Friday, June 10, 2011

It's old news now...

But my kid has become a toddler and I can no longer have him and the computer in the same room at the same time.

Check out the post. Read the comments. Smile, rinse your brain, repeat.

Monday, May 16, 2011

My bad (March/ April Roundup)

Sorry I've been silent. A few things happened all at once and I've been otherwise occupied. Of all the things that happened, though, the most life-changing (and I'm not sure if I mean that in a good or bad way) is that N is walking. Yep. He's also climbing the walls. I don't mean that figuratively. He's got ridiculous arm strength and will pull himself up using the windowsill. Then he anchors himself in place using his TEETH. He's also discovered the floor register and keeps pulling the stupid thing up, when he isn't standing on it trying to look out the window. He understands "No" and will happily shake his head at you and stop what he's doing. Then, with a giant grin on his face, he will slowly begin to creep his hand back to whatever you didn't want him to have/touch/pull on. Sigh. ANYWAY:

Yes, I did finish my March socks in March. They are lovely. I used Cookie A's Monkey pattern with Schaefer Heather. This yarn was delightful to work with - soft and smooth and just wonderful. I'm not sure about how it will wear, though, as I've already gotten some fading and pilling on the soles and I've only worn them twice and handwashed them...

I also finished my April socks on time. I'm quite pleased with them. They were an exclusive pattern for a sock club run by my LYS, in Sanguine Gryphon Bugga. This yarn is satisfyingly squishy and soft, and I loved the colors here. Sadly, these socks are not for me, so into storage with them until the appropriate time.

THEN, because I had some time left in April, I made this lovely cowl, using the Yarn Harlot's Pretty Thing pattern. This was made in the Fibre Company Canopy Fingering yarn, in the Fern colorway (which appears to no longer be available). It's just delicious. I very much want to donate this cowl to a fund raising event for brain cancer research, but haven't been able to get a response from the Yarn Harlot to make certain this would be an okay use of her pattern.

Now, I know that I used to be a single project girl, but that's gone the way of my waistline and attention span. Currently on the needles, in no particular order, are: the Summer Mystery Shawlette knit along by Wendy Knits, a pair of deadly boring very large socks for GF, a monkey for N's birthday from this book, the Moderne Baby Blanket from the ladies over at Mason Dixon Knitting, and another scarf for the aforementioned brain cancer fundraiser.

Note that there are no socks on the needles for the month of May. I am trying to make this a finish up month, because GF's socks have been sitting for quite some time. He isn't a whiner, but I can tell he'd like me to finish them. And I want to get the other stuff cleared off before I take on anything else. That's the plan, anyway...unless N decides to give up naps this month.