Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Dilemma

Lots of people make a New Year's resolution to lose weight and get healthy. I also tend to make one, but then I get derailed. It takes me much less time to get derailed than a lot of people, I feel, and it took me years to figure out why. My birthday is two weeks into the New Year. As in, on the 11th. While I could behave and work out and all that starting on the 1st, there seems to be no point to it, as I KNOW there will be cake and something wonderful to eat for dinner (and if I'm lucky for breakfast) and I. Will. Need. To. Eat. It. ALL. I will have dinner and then cake (GF is baking me a cake - last year's was strawberry). I will have cake for breakfast the day after my birthday (because cake o'clock is a family tradition), and again for dessert that night. I will get vaguely cranky about having to share my cake, and will have the cake until the cake is all gone, and then I will hope that my friend (you know who you are), will bake me ANOTHER cake because I lurves it and didn't get to have any in November. This happens every year. I have a sort of rebellion throughout the month of January because well dammit it's my birthday and a single day is not enough of a celebration, so I think I should have the whole week month to enjoy myself. I revel in the gluttony (I know it's a deadly sin, but it's my birthday!!!). This year has the added disadvantage of an unplanned road trip this weekend (where I will eat lots of road food), and a funeral at one end of it (with the requisite need for comfort food).

All of this to say that, for me, the holidays aren't over until the fat lady (that'd be ME) sings. This year, that means that I'll get back on the horse in February. I currently have a goal of approximately 50 pounds that I'd like to lose. I'm hoping to get through the month without adding to that total. I'm going to try to maintain my current state this month, but I'm also going to enjoy myself. Then, on February 1, I'll get started on a diet/exercise plan and behave...

Except that then there's Valentine's Day... :-)

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Rachel said...

Birthday months are the only way to go. One to seven days is not nearly enough.