Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Sorry for the silence. I have a six month old. He's crawling and has opinions... Ye, gods. I have time to blog right now in large part because I'm stuck in bed with a cold that I've been trying to ignore. I sure hope I'm not starting the year as I will be going on, because I have no interest in spending the whole damn year with a head cold thanks to my darling little germ factory. Although, it would mean a great deal of knitting time...

I have been knitting - but I don't really have so many pictures to share because I tend to forget to take pictures before I give the things away... BUT I do have something fun to show you! I've been inspired! I'm taking an idea from the Yarn Harlot, and making my own sock club out of yarns I have in my stash. As she suggested, I've taken the yarns, paired them with patterns, put them in Ziplocs, and (because I don't have an available shelf) stuffed them in a box. Here's the box:

There are socks for GF, socks I intend to gift, and socks for me. They are in no particular order and run the gamut from absolute vanilla socks to downright spicy fun. Then, I turned the box around and around and reached in with my eyes closed and pulled out a bag. This bag.

Amusingly, the socks for January are for me (since it's my birth month, this seems wholly reasonable), using a spicy pattern I'm very excited about. The pattern is called Skew, by Lana Holden. The yarn is from the Great Adirondack Company, a limited edition yarn I picked up this past fall.

Also, do you remember the socks I had to stop because I - ahem - ran out of yarn? Well I did finish them. I got a solid yarn and striped the toe. Because we're all about solutions here, once we work our way past the initial irritation. Happily, I was able to complete them in time to gift them to my darling fried J, who has had a LOT to do with my ability to remain sane this year.

I hope you all four had a wonderful (sigh) fall and holiday season, and I hope you're ready to begin 2011. I hope you're happy and healthy (unlike me ::sniffle::). I'll be starting my socks in bed...

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