Monday, July 25, 2011

On wishing for a playroom.

Please do not misunderstand: our house is plenty large. In addition to the obligatory kitchen and 2.5 baths, there's a dining dogs' room, a living room, a pit of despair finished basement, and three bedrooms: ours, the kid's, and my office the cat's room. In addition, I'm blessed with the sort of child that mothers dream about, that mythical child, that magical child, that wonder, that joy: a child who takes naps. More to the point, one who takes two 2-hour naps daily. On schedule. I say all this to make it clear that I am not complaining (yes I am, but only a little). Here's the thing: there's a shift that happens in this house, three times per day, every single day. I refer to it as the kid/dog configuration.

You see, the dogs who were willing to tolerate the tiny squalling critter who spent most of his time attached to me or in a baby swing were not so happy when it started crawling and are considerably less amused by the toddler who walks, runs, and climbs. Who can blame them, really? He's loud, he slobbers, he growls inappropriately, and he pokes them in inconvenient places, like their eyes and ears and mouths. Worse - he can now chase them and follow them where ever they go. So, while I'm sure they would never hurt him, I try to keep the doggie freak out factor as low as possible. As a result, the dogs hang out in their room when the baby is awake and come hang out in the living room with us during naps and after bed time. This necessitates a shift in the dynamics of the room.

Kid configuration: dogs out, dog toys away (because the kid really shouldn't be gnawing on Nylabones), toy box open, PackNPlay blocking access to the dogs' water bowl. Dog configuration: baby napping/sleeping, baby toys away (because the dogs really shouldn't be gnawing on Sophie), PackNPlay in front of window to allow access to water bowl. First thing in the morning, Kid configuration. At 10, Dog configuration. At 1, Kid configuration. At 3/4, Dog configuration. Back to Kid configuration at 6, followed by Dog configuration at 8. Every single frakkin' day.

So I wish to have a play room. A place where I can hang out with the kid while he's awake and not worry about picking up his toys at nap times. A room I could child proof in its entirety, devoid of things I don't want the kid to mess with (like, oh, the tv and floor registers. Such a room would be a wonderful thing.

That is all - I just wanted to share. I promise photo filled posts in the next little bit to share what I've been up to this summer. There has been knitting and cooking and fun. :-)

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