Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Holy Lace Knitting, Batman!

Spring is here, a-suh-puh-ring is here...

...And I find myself falling into the abyss of lace knitting. On the first of March, I cast on Oceanspray by Galia Lael in a very lovely blue yarn I bought from an indie dyer last year. I got about 30 rows in before I went to sleep (they start very short). I got up the next morning and went about my day, looking forward to knitting it during my Thursday afternoon at my LYS.

When I got to the LYS, they had a basket of lovely dove gray lace weight from Dream In Color and a truly wonderful corresponding pattern, Vostok (rav link - you can also see it on their Facebook page). As you can see (below), I didn't even try to resist. I became obsessed. I was single minded. Were there other projects in my bag? Non, only Vostok.

A little over two weeks later, I had a pile of wet cat vomit (also known as soaked but unblocked lace). An hour, a lot of grumbling, a small hissy fit directed at my husband, a trip to the store for more pins, and an additional hour and a half later, I had this. I am very pleased with it. I am also wholly unattached to it. Having gained the blessing of the designer, it will be auctioned during my LYS's anniversary weekend and will hopefully help raise money for Canine Partners for Life.

Yes, I really did pin each one of those stupid little points. Why do you ask?

Having accomplished that task, did I return to my poor Oceanspray? Or the socks sitting on the kitchen table? Of course not. Instead, I opted to start working on another lace project. We'll call it Stealth Shawl for MOM* (SSFM for short). While happily working away on SSFM at the LYS on Friday afternoon, I was asked my opinion on a pattern being considered for a class in the future. Well, I read it over and then realized that the only way I could really truly speak to its appropriateness was to knit it. So I dug into my stash** and found some lovely green yarn (Jawoll Magic) and cast on. Tuesday afternoon, I was binding off, which I'm told is ridiculous and seems to make me a freak. ::shrug:: So here's the Haruni, by Emily Ross. Finished just in time to go into a box and make someone a very happy birthday girl. :-)***

* Yeah, not very stealthy when I mention it here, huh? Except she has NO IDEA which pattern I'm using. HAH! Bet you can't even remember the yarn you picked, can you?
** Can't fool you - I got some yarn, but then realized it was too colorful and only dug into my stash at midnight on Friday because yarn stores are not open at midnight on Fridays
*** No, I'm not done with the lace knitting. I'm currently searching for my new challenge, while finishing the SSFM. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finger Painting FAIL

This morning, I tried to introduce the boy to the joys of art via finger painting. I started by telling him we were going to do something new and fun, "YEAH!" I brought him into the kitchen, set him up in his booster seat, taped paper to the table, and squirted the paint (which he was certain was lotion) onto a little plate. We named each color as they came out, red, blue, green, and yellow. Then, I showed him what he needed to do to make marks on the paper, namely putting his finger into the paint and smearing it around.

He gave me a look that seemed to say Woman, have you LOST your ever-lovin' mind? Ain't no way I'm sticking my hand in that! As a toddler with limited vocabulary, he chose the most succinct way of getting his message across: "Messy." I explained that yes, it was messy, but that we could clean him up when he was all done and it would be fine. He informed me, again in the most succinct way possible that he wasn't interested: "Down."

Positive that he just needed a little urging (I should have known better - this was the child who had to be coaxed into smashing his own cake at his birthday party and even then only managed a vague half-hearted, single-handed squishing), I took his fingers and put them in the paint, and then on the paper. Okay, maybe this isn't so bad, Momma...I'll give it a shot for a minute. "Yeah!" He got a tiny bit of paint and smeared it on the bottom corner, then he got a little more and rubbed it farther up. Alright. I tried it. I don't like it. Can I go play with something else now? "All done."

Not one to admit defeat easily, I tried mashing his hand into the paint colors and then making handprints on the paper. He indulged me for a moment. Okay, I let you have your fun. Now clean my damn hands off and let me go do something else. "Messy. All done!"

Okay bud. All done.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A sweater my needles

I was sitting at the table in my LYS one day in January, minding my own business, happily knitting away on a sock or hat (I don't remember). I was content. I was at peace. The UPS driver pulled up. Oh look, I thought, a shipment. How nice. I went back to my knitting. I heard the box get opened, and saw the owner walking over with her arms full of bags of yarn. I don't need anymore yarn. I continued knitting. She put the yarn on the table and opened the bags. "Hey guys - new stuff. Don't take anything yet because I haven't logged it and priced it, but feel free to look." So I looked.

I shouldn't have. I really shouldn't have. I should have looked away, kept knitting, run screaming...something. But I looked. And I wanted. It was called "Scrumptious" and, as expected, it absolutely was. It was a beautiful silk/merino blend with sheen and only lightly spun (not plied), so it was crazy soft and just...lovely. That's okay, you don't know what you'd make with it anyway, so there's just no need to buy it. The owner returned, with more stuff in her arms. "Hey - here are some patterns to go with that yarn. There's a booklet and some loose patterns." So I looked again. Damn.

The pattern is called "Trilo" (rav link), and I knit it in Scrumptious in Cherry.

See how yummy that yarn is? You can almost feel how soft it is...
Of course, now it's too warm to wear it...ah well. It'll still be there in the fall.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Belated Birthday Wishes...part 2

The story behind this project is even more ridiculous than the last one. I began and finished this project in OCTOBER. When I saw the yarn, I initially thought of my mother, but as I got going on the project, I knew it had to belong to my friend G (Sorry Mom). I'm sure she'll love it, but she still hasn't seen it. Should she decide to check my blog (Hi G!), she'll see pictures before she has it in her greedy little hands. Why? Because I haven't mailed it out yet. I hate the post office. Like, really hate it. I'm sitting here, delaying a trip to the post office and grocery store, blogging. It's a ridiculous way to be. What's that you say? Pretty pictures, please? Okie dokie. The project was called Momijigari (rav link), and the yarn was Dream in Color's Dream Club installment for October.

And here's a nice close up... See those fall colors??

As a side note: those lovely flowers? A gift to myself for a 3 week weight loss run that culminated in 5 pounds lost. Healthier, much more happy making, and longer lasting than a candy bar.

Off to the danged post office now...