Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Belated Birthday Wishes...part 2

The story behind this project is even more ridiculous than the last one. I began and finished this project in OCTOBER. When I saw the yarn, I initially thought of my mother, but as I got going on the project, I knew it had to belong to my friend G (Sorry Mom). I'm sure she'll love it, but she still hasn't seen it. Should she decide to check my blog (Hi G!), she'll see pictures before she has it in her greedy little hands. Why? Because I haven't mailed it out yet. I hate the post office. Like, really hate it. I'm sitting here, delaying a trip to the post office and grocery store, blogging. It's a ridiculous way to be. What's that you say? Pretty pictures, please? Okie dokie. The project was called Momijigari (rav link), and the yarn was Dream in Color's Dream Club installment for October.

And here's a nice close up... See those fall colors??

As a side note: those lovely flowers? A gift to myself for a 3 week weight loss run that culminated in 5 pounds lost. Healthier, much more happy making, and longer lasting than a candy bar.

Off to the danged post office now...

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GrannyMat said...

Beautifully done!! She will love it.