Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A sweater my needles

I was sitting at the table in my LYS one day in January, minding my own business, happily knitting away on a sock or hat (I don't remember). I was content. I was at peace. The UPS driver pulled up. Oh look, I thought, a shipment. How nice. I went back to my knitting. I heard the box get opened, and saw the owner walking over with her arms full of bags of yarn. I don't need anymore yarn. I continued knitting. She put the yarn on the table and opened the bags. "Hey guys - new stuff. Don't take anything yet because I haven't logged it and priced it, but feel free to look." So I looked.

I shouldn't have. I really shouldn't have. I should have looked away, kept knitting, run screaming...something. But I looked. And I wanted. It was called "Scrumptious" and, as expected, it absolutely was. It was a beautiful silk/merino blend with sheen and only lightly spun (not plied), so it was crazy soft and just...lovely. That's okay, you don't know what you'd make with it anyway, so there's just no need to buy it. The owner returned, with more stuff in her arms. "Hey - here are some patterns to go with that yarn. There's a booklet and some loose patterns." So I looked again. Damn.

The pattern is called "Trilo" (rav link), and I knit it in Scrumptious in Cherry.

See how yummy that yarn is? You can almost feel how soft it is...
Of course, now it's too warm to wear it...ah well. It'll still be there in the fall.