Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's a TRIANGLE, b*tches!

At Squam, I met some incredibly entertaining people. My roommate mentioned that sometimes she just likes to knit triangles. Not shawls, not necessarily bandanas. Just triangles. For some reason, this became the theme of the weekend, "What are you knitting?" "A triangle." Soon there were plans for various projects being renamed to variations of this post's title. I can not explain why this was funny, maybe we were high from all the fresh air?

On Wednesday, sitting at my LYS, with three balls of Plymouth Covington in my bag and no idea what to make with them, I was looking through the KnitScene Accessories magazine and found the Aristida Shawl (rav link). I figured, what the hey, and cast on. I never even looked to see if I'd have enough yarn, or if I was working in the right weight yarn. Turns out the original is knit with fingering weight, while I used aran. Ah well. I like it anyway.

Of more import was my realization that I might not have enough yarn. I started with the first color, then began with the second for the second chart repeat. The last row of the sage was scary, as I was not convinced there was enough. I assumed I would have no problem with the third color because I was knitting four fewer rows with it. I failed to account for the increased length of each successive row, and ran out with 3.5 rows and the bind-off left to go. Damn. Tinking back, I tried to use the second color for a row, and ran out with 3.25 rows and the bind-off left to go. Double damn. Tinking back again, knowing there was no way I'd manage 4 rows and bind-off with the first color, I did one more row and bound off. I find that I'm okay with that. I'm also okay with the lack of fringe and bobbles.

I hereby dedicate this project and post to the ladies of Ardenwood 2012. May the triangle be with you. Happy knitting. :-)

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