Monday, August 20, 2012


"Do you want company on Tuesday?" This from GF as I am buried under bits and bobs of fabric, focused on the task at hand. I don't understand - why would I want company? What's happening on Tuesday?

"When you drop him off." Oh, right. Nicky's first day of school. I'd sort of kind of forgotten.

We've decided, both to enable me to focus on looking for gainful employment and to encourage socialization, that Nicky needs to go to preschool. He'll be going two days a week. He'll eat breakfast there, play there, have lunch and nap there, play some more, and then come home. I'm sure he'll have a great time and love it there. I'm sure the break and the extra time on my hands will be beneficial to me. Still? Not that happy about it.
There's a mistake on this blanket - can you spot it? It made me mad enough to redo a block, then I made the same mistake again and GF said "Your mouth says No but your hands say Yes."
So I spent the weekend making a quilt. One with things on it that he likes. He needs a blanket for naptime, I say to myself, and everything I bring in for him has to be labeled. I can't label the blanket I knit for him, I argue with myself, and so I will label a quilt block.

Then GF points out that he'll probably do better with the blanket from his bed, the knit one he's been using for the last year and a half, and I'm forced to admit he's probably right.

The quilt looks good on his bed here, don't you think?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

So begins the fall knitting...

...or the episode in which Nicky gets a hat.

Someone has decided this week that naps are an unnecessary inconvenience in the schedule, and so has chosen to skip them. As a result, someone has not been in the best of moods (I'm not talking about myself, but I'm not doing so hot either). In desperation, I suggested yesterday afternoon that maybe we could go to the knitting store and pick out yarn for a hat (Turn a Square by Jared Flood). This suggestion was greeted with a most positive reaction, so off we went.

When greeted with a wall full of yarns of many many colors, he grabbed one skein of bright green, pulled it out, put it on his head, and said "Nicky wear it!" I didn't like his choice, and so tried to dissuade him (shame on me). There are some much more sedate blues and greys over here? Maybe you'd like this maroon? He stared at me for a beat, maybe two, put the skein he had in a strangle hold back on his head and said, more assertively and while glaring at me, "Nicky wear THIS one." Damn. Since the pattern calls for two yarns, I found something I hoped would go with the green he picked, bought the lot, and went home (but, sadly, not before he unleashed his destructive power on the shop, yanking down samples and pulling yarn from the middle of a display so the whole thing tumbled down).

After an evening spent in the usual way (cooking, cleaning, laundry), I settled down to cast on the hat. Knowing he would likely remember the whole experience in the morning and want his hat, I was determined to finish it before I went to sleep. I was close, and got up early this morning and finished it. So here's my little dude, modeling his hat, knit with yarn he picked. He'd better not get used to overnight turnover...