Thursday, August 15, 2013

So here I am...

I'm still here. I'm still trying to get used to the new laptop. Still not entirely certain I like Win8. But I haven't gone away, just been a little bit more busy with things I don't think make good blog fodder.

I'm on a sweater binge right now. A couple of weeks ago, I made some sweater swatches. Because it's sweater knitting season around here.

The one on the left is for the Beaubourg sweater, which I made* in Manos del Uruguay Maxima (it's so delicious, I can't even tell you). The colorway, if you want to know, is Eucalyptus. The center one is going to be the Iced sweater, the yarn is Berroco Campus. It's a very cool blend of purple, pale blue, and orange. Not my normal thing, but hey, why not. And I figured if the pattern was pretty simple, the end product would be a nice balance between funky and classic.

The third is the beginning of a very ambitious plan for a Chocolate Stout cardigan, my second Baby Cocktails sweater and not my last, in Cascade 220. Ambitious because I'm going to try to change the color. I haven't decided if I'm going to try to dye the yarn or the end project - I will keep you posted.

I'm also working on the annual installment of sweaters for N. He loves his yearly sweater, and I very much want to encourage that, so I allowed him to select this year's sweater. He picked one with a technique I had managed to avoid thus far, one that only his little face staring at me, combined with his little voice saying, "Momma, please can I have that one?" would make me agree to try. Intarsia. Tragically, I did not take any pictures of this process, but google it if you don't know (Mom), and you'll understand. Happily, that part of the sweater only lasted a little while, and I'm now on the simple straight stockinette (read boring) portion of the project. Pictures maybe later, if I remember. Getting pictures off my phone to the computer so I can upload them here is annoying. There must be a better way...

I'm also doing this new thing. It involves this package I got in the mail last week.

Yes, those are boxing gloves. Yes, I am using them to punch bags. Very hard, very heavy bags. It's hard, sweaty, the gloves smell bad, my hands hurt, and I'm having the most fun.

That's really all I've got for now. Again, I say I'll update more often, but I just can't make promises until I figure out how to make this computer not annoying. Technology sometimes gets in the way.

*Yes, I already finished it. I needed it done!

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