Friday, November 15, 2013

Fantastic things are afoot

Once again, I find myself having allowed months to pass without writing to you few who click over to read my words here. Here's an update:

When we last read, our intrepid heroine was working on a number of sweaters and taking up boxing gloves. Of the three sweaters planned, one is complete and bringing much warm coziness to life. As for the boxing gloves, they are sadly riding around in the trunk due to a scheduling snafu that is resulting in few opportunities to be of use.

The boy is taking violin lessons because he is OBSESSED with the violin. Alternates between wanting to watch Bob the Builder and violins for tv time obsessed. Requesting, by name, Mr. David Garrett in the car and knowing whether the specific violin he's hearing is, in fact, being played by Mr. David Garrett obsessed. Being Mr. David Garrett for Halloween this year instead of a vacuum cleaner obsessed. Not. Messing. Around. Sadly for my waistline, his group lessons are on Saturday mornings, at the same time as the boxing class I wanted to take.
He looked impossibly cool.
I also have a new job, which may prove interesting fodder for the blog, maybe. I get to make things, and this makes me happy. I feel that I'm finally getting to where I belong. Stay tuned.

See that? I totally did that.

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